Summer Cruise

Commander, Naval Service Training Command’s Welcome Aboard Video

Navy/Marine Option Third Class Cruise

Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen (CORTRAMID)

During the summer between their freshman and sophomore year, scholarship midshipmen participate in a month-long active-duty program of CORTRAMID. The program is designed to give midshipmen an exposure to all the major communities of naval service and to understand how all the various parts interact and cooperate to form the total force structure of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

The first week consists of orientation within the aviation community where midshipmen gain experience by being assigned to active duty squadrons and by completing basic training for backseat qualification in various naval aircraft. Many midshipmen are given the opportunity to spend time in various simulators. Qualified midshipmen are often given flights in naval aircraft and even get some stick time.

The second week consists of training and orientation relating to the submarine community. This includes time underway on afloat units where midshipmen gain experience in submarine operations. An overnight stay aboard a submarine at sea is included in this week. Midshipmen are also introduced to submarine simulators and torpedo attack simulators.

The third week provides insight into the surface community. Midshipmen are given training in ship handling, navigation, and surface ship operation. This week also includes underway time on afloat surface units. There are trainers for fighting and water leaks. These three weeks provide a great opportunity to use state of the art simulators, and training modules.

The final week is Marine Week, a physically and mentally challenging week where midshipmen learn and carry out the primary function of the Marine Corps, projection of power ashore. This week is packed with exhibitions of firepower and activities such as storming a beach, attacking a city, and going on patrol through the woods. You are issued an M-16 and held accountable for it.

This experience should give midshipmen an idea of the type of naval community they would like to enter.

Navy Option Second Class Cruise

Enlisted Cruise

During the summer between the sophomore and junior year, scholarship midshipmen go on an active-duty enlisted cruise and experience life as an enlisted member of naval units. This experience familiarizes the midshipmen with ship operation and gives them appreciation for the enlisted men and women that they will eventually lead as commissioned officers. Midshipmen live and work alongside an enlisted running mate that will show the midshipman the ropes of life aboard afloat units. These cruises can be on any type of surface ship or submarine in any part of the world.

Marine Option Second Class Cruise

Mountain Warfare Training

Marine Option midshipmen on scholarship will go to the Mountain Warfare Training Center in Pickel Meadow, California. Here they will participate in a two week terrain appreciation course. During this time, midshipmen will perform hikes and tactical exercises. The experience at Mountain Warfare is designed to prepare you for Officer Candidate School.

Navy Option First Class Cruise

Officer Cruise

During the summer between the junior and senior years, scholarship and advanced standing Navy midshipmen are assigned to active-duty Navy units. Assignments are available on surface ships, on submarines, with both shore-based and aircraft carrier embarked  air squadrons, with Special Warfare units, as well as aboard vessels of foreign allied navies on a competitive basis. The midshipman serves in the capacity of a junior officer in their unit with all of the rights and responsibilities thereof. They interact closely and live with the officers of their unit. This includes training, watch-standing, ship-handling, flight planning and operations (for aviation cruises), and many other learning opportunities. Many midshipmen use this cruise to make their final decision about service selection.

Sea Trials

Marine Option First Class Cruise

Officer Candidate School

All Marine Option midshipmen will attend the 6-week long bulldog course at Officer Candidate School, Quantico, VA. Everything these midshipmen have prepared for will be put to the test during this grueling six week screening course. A future Marine officer MUST pass OCS before commissioning. It is of the utmost importance for Marine Option midshipmen to spend time preparing for this course.